I am primarily concerned with exploring the unconscious in that I print, draw and sculpt to document visions, hallucinations, figments, apparitions and animist spirituality. Because of my 30 year long association with madness I try and observe that part of the unconscious that spills over to the conscious.

The tradition for this artwork in the past has been called Outsider Art or Art Brut.

I first saw other Art Brut objects in 1984 in Sydney and realised that there were other people doing the same kind of work.

Materials that I use include: Etching paper, canvas, board and wood, Chinese inks, acrylic and gouache, texters, felt tip including Artline pens, varnish, mouslin cloth, faber castel and other pencils, metal, solder, scrap timber, draftsman's patterns, oxides, nuts, bolts, fulcrums and found objects of importance.

I'm selling my artworks on paper from this Web Site. So please click through to the Works on Paper page and give me a call if you see a few you'd like.

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